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Adam Hennick, Investment Advisor

Hennick Wealth has over 25 years of experience helping modest and high net worth people manage their financial expectations. Many of our clients began with humble investment accounts and long term horizons. Over time, they have experienced substantial growth in value through on-going contribution and investment gain.

Our track record of success is something we are very proud of and we welcome individuals to peruse this website in hope that you gain insight into our practice. You will find an archive of monthly comments called "A View from Here", a newsletter we produce to keep our clients appraised of events and anecdotes that affect our investment holdings. You will also find testimonials from a broad range of our clientele.

As advisors, our mandate is to own the very same investments we recommend and view the association with our clients as a partnership.

Our objective is to work with individuals who require an experienced advisory team to help them with their long-term financial needs. The motto states our goal..."Your Future is Worth More."

In Adam's book, "All Good Things," you'll find out how Adam Hennick entered the financial business in 1988, starting out as a 'gopher' for the president of a national brokerage firm and worked through all aspects of the front and back office before starting his own wealth management practice. Through trial and error, Adam learned what properties had long-term fundamental value and what to avoid. He studied the methods of the truly successful investors. Adam has grown his client book almost exclusively through investment success and referrals from existing customers. His clients have been the beneficiaries of long-term returns that few have been able to achieve.

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Adam describes what he's learned from over 25 years in financial advisory, partly documented in real time through "A View From Here" monthly newsletters, September 2009 through to November 2015.




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